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We engage in various activities because we enjoy them. Our love for certain things leads us to seek out more ways to do those things. But that familiarity can cause a sense of sameness that risks diminishing our positive feelings if we aren’t careful.

Gaming is a prime example of this. All too often we find ourselves rolling up new characters in classes and species that we always use while avoiding those outside of our comfort zones. Even in game table situations with pre-generated characters, we will go for our favorite types rather than trying something new. This is a flawed approach.

The hobby is vast in its options and even the confines of a single rule system and campaign setting offer years of possibilities. In order to gain a fuller understanding of a given set of game mechanics, creating and playing a number of unique character types is needed. Becoming a more well-rounded players is contingent on understanding how different species, classes and special abilities work and interact in various combinations.

Take time away from the game table to create different characters. Doing so will open up new parts of your core rule book that you might not have looked at previously. It also will open up your mind to more creative options as well as providing an increased comfort with roles and options outside of your primary “go to” list. And then, when given a chance at the game table to bring in a new character, embrace the moment fully by pulling out a record sheet of a truly “new” character. Your gaming experience will benefit and grow from choosing this new path.

Our next Guild Game Night is coming up on Friday February 14. This is a holiday of some significance for a number of folks and we already know about a couple of absences that are affecting our agenda. Despite the scheduling conflicts, we will carry on with our event and present LRPG-style gaming so we look forward to seeing you. And don’t forget to bring a friend!

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