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The gaming hobby is a large and growing community. Thanks to the increased presence of RPGs and board games across so many forms of media, more people are being exposed to what we do and finding that it really isn’t the exclusive domain of socially-awkward and maladjusted geeks and nerds. More importantly, people of all ages across all sections of society are finding out that our favorite pastime is a lot of fun and something that they can enjoy too.

That wider growth is having a positive influence on the Guild. The number of followers on our Facebook page has grown to 391. We have 280 subscribers to this e-newsletter. And we have 45 people registered as full Guild Members here in the local “in-real-life” area (which does include a couple of people who moved away but maintained their membership anyway). And we regularly get new visitors at our Guild Game Nights. In short, our community is strong, healthy and growing.

We are excited by that stability and progress. We hope that the LRPG can continue to provide for you the venue and culture through which you can experience the best of what this hobby has to offer. We also hope that we can be a true collective that allows us to share knowledge and improve our skills and artistry that are so important to game play.

So if you are a longtime Guild Member, we thank you for serving as the foundation for all of our growth. If you are a newer Member or a recent Friend, we welcome you and invite you to share your insights, knowledge and experience to your fellow hobbyists. And we thank you for helping us to move forward and reach for higher levels of hobby enjoyment.

Our next Guild Gaming Event is coming up on Friday November 8. We look forward to seeing everyone at the game tables … and bring a friend!

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