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Our August 9 Guild Game Night was a blast! We had a great turnout and a lot of fun with six full tables. Thank you to all of our GMs for the hard work of prepping & running. A big thanks also goes to those who brought snacks to feed the group. And a special note of appreciation goes to those who provided assistance with the breakdown at the end of the night. Guild Member Phil M does the vast majority of the setup by himself so it is wonderful that folks help out at the end.

For the past few Guild Events, we have been running “Moose’s Memorial Rummage Sale” to great success. Moose (Mike Diraffaele) was a long-time Member and Friend of the Guild even though his active participation had waned on recent years. He passed away back in May and he left his pretty extensive collection of gaming books and miniatures in my care for the Guild’s benefit. He wanted his material to live on after him and be put to good use by fellow gamers. Quite a large amount of these things have been claimed and, even at the very modest prices, the Guild has seen a large contribution to its operating funds. I know Moose would be pleased by both developments. We’ll be continuing this special program for at least the next couple of Guild gatherings so there still is time to find some cool treasures.

As we race toward the final couple of weeks of Guild Year 19, there still is a bit of time for you to submit a game to the under-construction Activity Calendar for Guild Year 20. There already are a good number of long-term series and six-parters in the queue so three-parters and one-shots are needed. And D&D5e also is very well represented so there is a need for other game systems too. Our hobby is vast (and like some of us, kind of old!) and there are all kinds of games that are welcome on our schedule. If you are an active Guild Member and want to run a game for us, drop us a private message on our Facebook page and we’ll send you a digital copy of the GM Submission Form.

Our next (and final) Guild Game Night for Guild Year 19 is coming up on Friday August 23 and after that we have a Guild Social Event on Friday August 30. We hope to see you all at both! (And bring a friend too!)

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